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Chez Olivier



Over forty members of the Australian Artists Association gathered on Wednesday, 10 March 2010, for an informal dinner at Chez Olivier, 121 Greville Street, Prahran. It was a wonderful occasion for the members of the Association to reconnect with each other while sampling the delicious cuisine of Olivier’s French kitchen, washing it down with French wines.

The dinner was also an occasion to introduce to the members of the Association the owner of the restaurant, Olivier Normandin, an entrepreneur, wine connoisseur, and art philanthropist.

Lunch with John Olsen @ The Olsen


We have also hosted a luncheon for John Olsen, who was recently in Melbourne for the official launch of The Olsen Hotel in South Yarra. The luncheon took place at the hotel’s BlueBottle restaurant, and was likewise a most entertaining get-together for the members of the Association and other artists.

Lunch with John Olsen at The Olsen


According to the feedback we have received, the above-mentioned events were enjoyable occasions, so we would like to endeavour to host such dinners or luncheons on a bi-monthly basis at a variety of locations.

In order to give each dinner certain individuality and focus, we would also endeavour to invite regular special dinner guests from other art organisations and associations, as well as visiting artists, curators, and philanthropists whenever an opportunity arises.

The next dinner will take place on Wednesday, 23 June 2010, at 7pm – time, place, and the guest speaker to be confirmed.


A few years ago we started hosting regular drinks for the members of the Australian Artists Association at the Blue Diamond Bar in the CBD and Candy Bar in Prahran. Sadly, it did not prove to be as successful as we have hoped, and the numbers of the attendees have dwindled.

However, recently there has been a call to renew these regular informal gathering.

Our wonderful friends at the Art Series hotels have invited us to resurrect this tradition at the BlueBottle at The Olsen on the second Thursday of every month from 7pm onwards, starting from June 10th

We realise that Thursdays are usually popular nights for exhibition openings – so join us at the BlueBottle once you’re “arted out” for a drink and chat with fellow members and other artists (or even dinner).


After a certain hiatus, we will be resuming our annual gala events. In the past, these were high-profile dinners or luncheons, at which the presentations of the Painters and Sculptors’ Association Medals were made to some of Australia’s most significant artists, who the Executive felt were deserving of the honour. Past recipients included Roger Kemp, Lloyd Rees, Margaret Olley, John Olsen, John Coburn, Charles Blackman, Judy Cassab, Robert Juniper, Arthur Boyd, and Louis Kahan.

At the last Board meeting of the Australian Artists Association, the Board members discussed the need to continue these popular and high profile events, though with a different format. It has been suggested that a cocktail style event with a guest orator would be more suitable for our revamped organisation.

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